Corporate Gifts: To Relieve Workplace Stress


Workplace stress is a predicament faced by every organization in any industry. Corporate gifts can help in minimizing the workplace stress and motivating the team to contribute better.


These gifts can serve as medium of recognizing and rewarding the hard work and exceptional effort of a team of employees. Corporate gifts are an ideal way of thanking the employees and acknowledging their valuable contribution to the success of the organization. Cosmosgalaxy provides wide range of Corporate business Gifts including: Desk Utilities, Designer & Branded Pens and other Promotional Items which can be customized by printing company’s brand name and logo.


Ganesha…The Harbringer of Prosperity


Ganesha is a Sanskrit compound joining the words gana (Sanskrit: गण; IAST: gaṇa), meaning a group, multitude, or categorical system and isha (Sanskrit: ईश; IAST: īśa), meaning lord or master. Ganesha is worshiped at the beginning of every puja. On Diwali night, Ganesha is placed on the altar with Lakshmi ji and is worshiped to bringing peace and prosperity and remove hurdles. When you gift this idol to someone on Diwali, you bless the person with a year of fulfilment.

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