Gifts for Every Occasion

i3320-aDo you find yourself overwhelmed when deciding for a gift for someone you adore? Are you running out of time to go to a mall and purchase a gift for the special one?

We, at Cosmosgalaxy, ensure that you are not faced by such problems. Our web portal has numerous varieties of gifts to choose from.


Now you don’t have to worry about selecting a gift that is unique and suitable for the occasion. We have an extensive range of items ranging from gifts for birthdays and anniversaries to gifts for festivals and special occasions. All you have to do is connect to your internet for a few minutes and choose a gift from our catalogue.

So pick a gift for your dear ones and let them know how much you love and care. Make them feel special and let the love spread beyond boundaries.



DIY: Organizing Your Closet Using Visuals


Keeping your closet organized helps alleviate the frustration when you just can’t find what you’re looking for. A great way to organize your closet is to use visuals to help illustrate what is in the bin/storage space. This is an efficient way to communicate items stored for young children, who may be learning how to keep their items tidy. Create a space for your wardrobe using a few simple steps.

Buy Storage Organizers @ Cosmosgalaxy

          Find a storage bin (make a set)

Choose a storage bin that is both visually appealing and functional. Usually bins that are light colours are easy to find. Decide how you are going to label the bins. If using wood, consider painting clothing labels. If using plastic, try labelling with a tape label. Use a permanent marker to ensure it’s on there for good!

          Locate and assemble a storage bin shelf

Now that you’ve chosen storage bins, it’s time to find a space where you can organize these bins in a concise manner.

          Put away clothing

The bins are labelled and organized. Add clothing to the respective bins.

Organizing your kid’s closet is a way to teach organization and will also save time in the morning rush. The great part is – you can design, label and choose whatever method works for your child. Let them help design their closet (it might help get them to put away their clothes, too!)

Techno Multi-colour Wall Clock

Made with a glass top and a stainless steel finish, this clock stylishly fits into a living/bed room or a contemporary kitchen space. This clock operates on standard time. Its reliability helps keep the time in an accurate manner. A clean cloth easily removes dust. This clock has a multi-colour pinwheel design on a white background. Both clock hands are bold, white and wide in length so that the time is easily read. The clock’s hands move silently leaving your workspace a quiet atmosphere. The minute hand brightly creates contrast. The array of colours fits into any living space. Operated with a battery, its long-lasting capabilities ensure lasting power. Its lightweight design allows for a wide variety of fasteners to help keep a sturdy grip to the wall. No assembly required, however instructions are included.

WHL in cms: 4 X 30 X 30.

Item SKU: I3716

Wall Utility Metal Shelf


This sturdy and well-designed shelf nicely lines and contours the shape of the wall. It is durable and capable of holding sturdy objects. This shelf is made from durable metal. Its distinct shape creates a zigzag pattern that can fit into any design taste. It can be hung either horizontally or vertically, creating a contemporary feel. Hanging it vertically creates an elongated look. The shelf’s modern edge style would fit comfortably in a home or office or school space as an alternative display shelf. Hang several on a wall and create a visually appealing storage or display wall. It’s easily cleaned using a cloth or duster. Cosmosgalaxy ensures its customers are provided easy-to-read instructions. This item does not require assembly. Its distinguishing features include:
• Sturdy and durable
• Material: Metal
• Color: Red
• Dimensions: WHL in cms
Small: 19 X 15 X 30
Big: 19 x 40 X 55.
• Contents: 2 pieces included
• Item SKU: SHL005