Wall Utility Metal Shelf


This sturdy and well-designed shelf nicely lines and contours the shape of the wall. It is durable and capable of holding sturdy objects. This shelf is made from durable metal. Its distinct shape creates a zigzag pattern that can fit into any design taste. It can be hung either horizontally or vertically, creating a contemporary feel. Hanging it vertically creates an elongated look. The shelf’s modern edge style would fit comfortably in a home or office or school space as an alternative display shelf. Hang several on a wall and create a visually appealing storage or display wall. It’s easily cleaned using a cloth or duster. Cosmosgalaxy ensures its customers are provided easy-to-read instructions. This item does not require assembly. Its distinguishing features include:
• Sturdy and durable
• Material: Metal
• Color: Red
• Dimensions: WHL in cms
Small: 19 X 15 X 30
Big: 19 x 40 X 55.
• Contents: 2 pieces included
• Item SKU: SHL005


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