DIY: Organizing Your Closet Using Visuals


Keeping your closet organized helps alleviate the frustration when you just can’t find what you’re looking for. A great way to organize your closet is to use visuals to help illustrate what is in the bin/storage space. This is an efficient way to communicate items stored for young children, who may be learning how to keep their items tidy. Create a space for your wardrobe using a few simple steps.

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          Find a storage bin (make a set)

Choose a storage bin that is both visually appealing and functional. Usually bins that are light colours are easy to find. Decide how you are going to label the bins. If using wood, consider painting clothing labels. If using plastic, try labelling with a tape label. Use a permanent marker to ensure it’s on there for good!

          Locate and assemble a storage bin shelf

Now that you’ve chosen storage bins, it’s time to find a space where you can organize these bins in a concise manner.

          Put away clothing

The bins are labelled and organized. Add clothing to the respective bins.

Organizing your kid’s closet is a way to teach organization and will also save time in the morning rush. The great part is – you can design, label and choose whatever method works for your child. Let them help design their closet (it might help get them to put away their clothes, too!)


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