How to Attract Money into your Home with Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese culture and traditional science. In Feng shui, it is believed that positive energy or Chi can help us in achieving positive results in life. Chinese Feng shui is dependent on five elements and the science behind their implementation has been discussed in a detailed way. By applying good Feng Shui, you can invite prosperity and wealth in your home. But always remember these elements will only support you in your venture, but you need to strive for achieving happiness in life.


Feng shui helps us to create positive energy around you. By using different method and elements of feng shui, you can add up value to the way of your living. Feng Shui can also help you in achieving good wealth and prosperity in life. In this post, you will get some idea about how to attract money in your home with the help of good feng shui.


The first thing that you need to do to allow positive energy into your home is to build a sturdy front door. And don’t allow clutter in your home. Try to abandon whatever you don’t use anymore. Make your home clutter free. You can use fish symbols to strengthen your money area of your home. You can implement some Feng Shui fountain and wealth crystal in your home.

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Try to invite good chi in your home to maintain the steady flow of wealth in your home.

Other than these, you can implement some other Feng Shui tips, like

  • Using water to welcome money in your home. Water is the symbol of abundance, and you can use feng shui fountain to create positive chi which will welcome more wealth in your home. If water fountain can’t be installed in your home you can use image of water and create the same effect.
  • You can buy a three-legged frog. This emblem is believed to generate real wealth related energy in your home. Place this frog at the side of your main door, and the mouth of the frog must be towards the inside area of your home. And it must be placed at a higher place.

Strengthen the money side of your home. It can only be done by improving overall décor and styling of your home. Place metal décor at the northern aspect of the house so that the water element can be encouraged and the more growth of the water element of your home the more you can see economic prosperity.



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