Tips to Make Your Bedroom a Romantic Heaven

The bedroom is the most private chamber of your home. A bedroom is a room where we rest, we dream here, and we just love our bed in a winter morning or on a rainy day. It’s close to our hearts. When we are in a romantic relationship, it becomes a significant part of our relationships, as in our bedroom, we explore our relationship. To make your room a proper habitat of your passionate relationship, following these tips are a must. Read on to know more about how to make your bedroom more romantic. Ditch rose petals this time and explore some new options.

  • On your bedside table, put a heart-shaped ceramic dish that can be a cute ring holder and a sweet reminder of your togetherness.


  • Pay attention to the color palette; go for colors which have natural smoothing effects. The combinations of soothing colors, throughout your bedroom, result into a clear sense of serenity that will give you a heavenly feeling.
  • String lights, tea candles, and fairy lights will set the right mood for some romance. Don’t hang them, as this might look juvenile instead place these inside glass containers or hurricanes so that it adds up to the zeal of your bedroom.
  • Get a little personal with the décor of your room. Hang pictures of you two, personalize the space depending on your taste. You can go with the pictures, colors to be personal about your bedroom. By doing this, you are making the bedroom a space truly dedicated to two of you.
  • For many of us it’s cliché, and for every one of us, it’s pretty obvious- candlelight. Light up some special scented candles to enjoy a romantic time with your spouse.


  • If you are comfortable with different shades of red, try to add a romantic ambiance to your private chamber. This will complement the sultry side of yours.

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  • To make things vintage as well as romantic, bought a canopy bed for your bedroom, nothing can be more romantic than a canopy. Close those drapes to create a maze of illusion mingled with privacy.
  • Do experiment with your bedroom, change things frequently and add geometrical patterns to the décor.


  • By adding layers, area rug, blanket, etc. you can create a cozy bedroom for two of you.

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Bright lights aren’t suitable for a bedroom. Nobody desires to get intimate under bright light. Don’t go for a bright light for lamps. Sift light before installation, go for softer light. This will create the perfect mode and a romantic heaven.


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