How to Add Space to Your Drawing Room

The living room is the center of your home, so it significantly enhances the essence of your entire home. Modern apartments come with a small living room area. So it’s essential for us to design our living room in a more convenient way to make it look larger and more spacious. This will create some extra space to your living room.

Home decoration can be used in different ways. When you feel that you need some extra space in your living room, you can either move some furniture to the next room or can buy some furniture which provides extra space for storage.


Many interior designers design small living rooms in such a way that it creates an illusion of it being larger in dimension. Here in this post, you will get some ideas about how to add some extra space to your living room so that it appears to be spacious.

There are so many strategies that can transform a small living room into a spacious area. But the decoration and readjustment of furniture need to be done in an artistic manner so that reconfiguration doesn’t hamper the overall feel good factor of your home.

Buy Space-Saving Wall Shelves


  • The first aspect to be considered will be the lights. Pay minute attention to the lighting of the living room. It’s advised that you install both soft and bright light. Both are equally important for your living room.
  • Pay attention on how to use color, weight, and scale. The contrast between color and light can create a difference between how space and light can easily be manipulated. Traditional decoration ideas aren’t the best choice for small living rooms. Living rooms, regardless of the size, need to be the perfect serene place for relaxation and entertainment. So it should be more spacious that any other room in your home.


  • To create an illusion that the living room is spacious, add some mirrors. Place the mirrors strategically so that those can reflect lights and create a nice ambiance. The most popular idea for small living rooms is hanging a mirror in the central location of the chamber to create an optical illusion and a focal point. If possible, hang a mirror across the window so that it can reflect the views and create the impression of another window.
  • When living rooms have a high ceiling, you can create the impression of larger space by using those open spaces. Use those extra spaces in a manner that apparently draws eyes upward. Floor to ceiling drapes is the most efficient way to do this.

Apply these ideas to create an extra zeal to your living room and make it look like an expansive and airy space.



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