DIY Mini Indoor Garden Ideas

Indoor gardening is the new darling of interior designing. Increasing number of designers are placing their trump card on Indoor Gardening to bring vitality and rejuvenate life from the dull surrounding. Greenery brings serenity to homes. A source of plenty of oxygen and a fresh green splash can help soothe your eyes and calm your mind.


The whole concept of culturing and cultivating plants and greenery around can enhance the lifestyle of individuals who are seeking for an eco-friendly home environment. The nurturing of organic vegetables and medicinal plants is another initiative that has led to the immense popularity of the indoor gardening system. It can improve the interior décor of a place by leap and bounds. These plants not only cleanse the air in the interior space but also aesthetically elevate the home environment.

Here in this post, you will get some idea of how to decorate your home with mini indoor plants. Read on to explore more about garden ideas.


Choice of Plants:

  • The choice of plants depends on two major factors such as ones which are easy to maintain and soothing to the eyes.
  • Bromeliads, Pothos, snake plant, are some of the plants that can be planted indoors for gardening purposes. Some of the herbs that can be the perfect choice for being planted in indoor gardening are Basil, Cilantro, Chives, and Lavender.
  • The best form of plants that are to be planted for indoor gardening is the ones that remain stunted and do not grow absurdly as maintenance can become a huge issue.
  • The low maintenance cost is another factor that plays an important role. So plants like spider plants are the ideal choice in this case.
  • The Dragon Trees and Bonsai plants provide and enhance the ambiance and improve decor of the corner where they are placed.

How to Plant:


  • Clean old glass jars and fill it will fertilizer mixed soil. The best forms of fertilizers are the natural ones. It is highly recommended that people avoid synthetic fertilizers. Natural fertilizer can be produced at home.
  • Mix the natural fertilizers with soil to make a right combination of fertilized soil. After filling the jar with it, make a small hole at the downside of the jar. Excess water will drip through it. The roots need to receive proper aeration for the plant to grow at a healthy pace.
  • You can also place small toys like trucks and cups to plant different kind of saplings and decorate your kid’s room.

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Other than these you can experiment with colors and sections by painting some inexpensive piece of furniture with white, which will bring amicable nature to your home. So go on and keep experimenting with your home décor. Some varieties of orchids can be added to the collection which can add touches of sophistication and color to your home.


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