Tips to Keep Silver, Brass, Copper Artifacts Clean and Shiny

Brass, copper artifacts are essential components of decorating ideas. Vintage artifacts and antiques require proper preservation and restoration. The process of restoring objects can be necessary for renovating your home décor. To bring back the lost luster, you need to pay attention to the maintenance and restoration of antique pieces. When you see dulled gray surface instead of an ultra-lustrous shine, it’s time you take those antiques for a proper clean up session.

To make things glow you need to clean up the toxic chemical that has created a dull layer on the artifacts. To reveal the shine from beneath all the tarnish, you need to do some tricks. Here in this post, you will get some ideas to start with.


  • Using Baking Soda

Coat the silver antique with baking soda and rub the kitchen cleaner all over the piece. Let baking soda stay on for 30 minutes and watch the magic as your artifact comes out all shiny. Other than baking soda, borax will also be suitable for this process. After 30 minutes you can recover the piece and clean it with a damp cloth or an abrasive scrubber and hot water. This procedure can also be followed for cleaning Brass Products.

If you are running out of baking soda, there is another way of carrying out the cleaning procedure with hot water, aluminum foil, and salt. It involves boiling water, so you need to be very cautious while performing the process.


  • How to clean copper utensil and antiques

Polishing methods can do wonders when it comes to cleaning copper pots. You can clean copper materials with lemon and salt. Dip a half-cut lemon in salt and then clean your copper pots with this lemon, scrub it properly so that it doesn’t leave any marks on the pan.


  • You can clean your copper utensils and antiques with ketchup

Spread ketchups all over the antique and then wipe it with a damp cloth. Don’t clean immediately leave it for some time then clean it properly with a dampened cloth.

Some important aspect of cleaning brass, silver utensils and antiques are the complete removal of depositions.


  • The most efficient method is Flour, Salt and Vinegar Paste

For finicky tarnish, you can use a paste of flour, salt, and vinegar. Apply the paste on the product, then rub the grainy substance all over the piece using a scrubber. Abrasion is needed to clean all those tarnish properly.



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