Three Ways to Add French Country Ambiance to Your Bedroom

Decorating your room with French décor style can rejuvenate and break the monotony of your bedroom. Be a little experimental with the design of the bedroom. French décor can add an extra something to the interior décor of your home. A French styled décor can add up a thematic ambiance to your room.


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To create French ambiance in your bedroom follow these guidelines.

  • Warm natural colors are the main component of French décor. Gold and yellow hues are symbolic of sun’s energy. Pastel blue is the color of the sky which is also very common in French décor. Different shades of red are also very common component of French décor. Using warm natural colors in drapes and wall painting can enhance the French-themed décor of your bedroom.
  • For proper French styled bedroom, stay away from silk and satins. You can use colorful patterns and can also make use fabrics, which will create a comfortable ambiance. French styles wall decoration will be a nice addition. The bedroom should reflect a relaxing ambiance, to create the soothing atmosphere, you can add some aromatic herbs and potpourri.
  • You can add some small heart-shaped plates to keep little things on the bedside table. You can create different French styled décor by adding greenery and small indoor plants in your bedroom. By adding some French styled or themed cinematic posters or wall art, you can bring in the French theme in your room.


Pleated drapes are the best option to create a French styled bedroom décor. Pleated curtain creates a mystical ambiance, and in contrasting color, it will create an illusionist’s dream inside your room.

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French culture is all about accepting everything which is new. It doesn’t bind you within a set of rules. You can keep exploring new styles for your bedroom. To add versatility to the décor of your room, you can use pots and containers of different shapes and size. Use an abundance of fresh flowers and fragrances.


French style decor is easier to implement .You can keep adding and changing things so much that you also feel fresh whenever you enter your bedroom. You can keep adding things to it. But try not to make it too crowded with French styled furniture.  Bedroom needs to be less crowded to be more expressive.

Go on and explore some more aspects of French décor in your bedroom.


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