Kids Bedroom Makeover Ideas

For children bedroom is their whole world. It’s more than just a place to sleep. It’s their play area, their study room, it’s the safest heaven where they can day dream and can develop their imagination.

The styling or décor of a child’s room needs to encourage the cerebral and psychological growth of the young minds. When you are considering modeling a child’s room, or you are thinking about remodeling it, you need to consider this factor the most.

Before you jump into the idea of renovating your kid’s room, read these following topics to make the whole makeover a simple and satisfying experience:

Here are some tips on designing a child’s bedroom.

  • The foremost thing that you need to consider, while designing your kid’s room, is the color of the walls. The positioning of the furniture, the color of all decors, should also encourage the imagination of your child. The color needs to be vibrant, and the décor should be full of life.


  • To break the monotony, you can add some extra spark to the décor of the room. For instance, you can add a craft studio in your kid’s room which can be filled with colorful craft books, different kinds of crayons, and other materials associated with creativity. Incorporating cupboards is also a great option. These come with various sections and have multiple storage places. The material can be different, ranging from metals to woods but the color must be vibrant.


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  • With the vibrant color of the walls, don’t forget to add wall stickers and wall arts of different cartoon characters and imaginary animals.
  • Other than these, you can add some vibrancy and extraordinary appeal to the drapes and curtains. Drapes and curtains need to be vibrant in color too, and these can have different patterns and images on them.
  • The whole theme of the room can reflect the tone of any famous comics’ character. Like painting it blue and red will add the theme of Superman. Likewise painting it in pink and yellow will stimulate the Barbie doll theme in the room.


  • Always remember to maintain the idea in the furniture with the subject of the room. If you are painting it in accordance with any popular comic character try to add some wall art and other decors, like pen holders, action figures, wall poster of that same theme can be added.

You need to be very cautious about the fact that the room needs to be very airy and specious so that your kid doesn’t feel claustrophobic.


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