What Fabrics to Use When Decorating Bedroom

Using fabric in decorating a room is a great way of starting decoration for your entire home. The bedroom is the most private space for you. It reflects your inner self. Now, what can be a better idea than decorating your bedroom with fabrics?

Designers prefer decorating bedrooms with drapes and other fabrics. These added layers could be anything, a remarkable looking, and an impressively designed drape to an awe-inspiring area rug. Designers prefer to use fabrics to add some splash of color to a dreary looking ambiance.

When it comes to adding colors with fabrics, there are many possible combinations which will make your bedroom the most attractive corner of your home. Combining fabrics doesn’t only mean interesting pillow cases, quilts or drapes it means adding variation to your room.


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The most important factor in choosing material is buying types that will suit your other interior decorations. Like the fabrics should be in contrast with other features of your interior decorations. And one of the safest choices is having beautiful lines and geometrical patterns. Patterns are in, and you can easily create variation to your bedroom while incorporating different fabrics with patterns. But before choosing fabrics, you need to consider some simple questions about the use of the space.

  • Like, how much space is available?
  • How to create an optical illusion with the help of fabrics?
  • Will the fabric be in use just only when the guests come over?


This will not only give you the idea of what to buy but will also give you the idea where to add the fabrics and where not to.

Follow these guidelines to decorate your bedroom more like a pro.

  • Use the pattern carefully
  • Patterns can add zeal to your bedroom, but adding too much of pattern everywhere will create unnecessary chaos among décor, which will hamper the serenity of your bedroom
  • The pattern must be by the rest of the décor to create a strong statement. To cover up a large white wall, you can add design based wall arts.
  • The pattern shouldn’t be same as the same trend can create monotony in your bedroom. Add multiple patterns as area rugs, curtains; wall arts will break the monotony of your room.
  • To add some extra layers to your bedroom add some colorful pillow cases, in contrast to the drapes or curtain’s color. Use different colorful pillows and cushion for adding extra comfort to your bedroom.

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You can use muslin to add some romance to the bedroom. Wrap and twist muslin to the curtain rod and let it drape to the floor for an excellent effect.


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