DIY: Creating a Bookshelf from a Ladder


Books have not gone out of style, even in today’s digital age of Kindles and eBooks. If you’re a bookworm and keep a steady inventory of books, this bookshelf (crafted from a ladder) will help accommodate your growing book collection. A few simple steps in creating a ladder bookshelf are below.

          Find a ladder in a size of your liking

You can use a ladder of any size, depending on how large you’d like the bookshelf. Find one with a vintage flair if you’re looking to reclaim wood. Or, if you’re using a metal ladder, add wooden stain to give the ladder a rustic look. If choosing an older ladder with unstable wood, consider adding a coat of wood glue to fill in the cracks.

          Add a Wooden Board

Cut a wooden board to fit the width of the ladder rungs. Make sure all nails are out of the board and it is sanded down to a softer surface. After the board is cut, make sure it fits between the widths of the ladder rungs.

          Design a Pattern

Grab some materials that you’re comfortable drawing and designing with. Design a pattern that fits the ladder or the style (i.e. vintage) you’ve chosen. Use a coat of wood glue or stain over the design to help lock its place. Make sure the wood is fully dry before proceeding.

          Start organizing your Shelves

You’re ready to organize your books. Make sure to evenly distribute your books or other items on the shelf. You want to ensure the shelf maintains its balance. Depending on the size of the ladder and the number of ladder rungs, you may want to add additional boards to keep the bookshelf sturdy.




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