#GetOrganized in 7 Days #cosmosgalaxy #t

#GetOrganized in 7 Days #cosmosgalaxy #tipsandtricks

#MondayMotivation – Go through drawers, closets and desk for items you don’t use anymore.
#TaskItTuesday – Designate areas, boxes, containers or drawers with labels and file away!
#WinWinWednesday – Throw, Recycle or Give things Away!
#ToDoListThursday – Create Schedules, To-Do Lists and Checklists for the week, month, year ahead
#FollowFriday – Delegate Tasks to All Family members and/or Colleagues
#SaturdayStyle – Wardrobe Clean Up: Organize by Seasons and/or by Color
#SocialSunday – Digital Clean Up: Erase Emails, Unscubscribe to Newsletters and Platforms, Empty Trash http://ow.ly/i/16965831-9Pi4HdsJ


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